Interesting Facts About X-Rays

Looking for information about X-Rays? Perhaps you have a procedure coming up soon and want information to ease your mind. Maybe you are a medical student or have other interests in the x-ray. In any case, the following interesting facts about the x-ray will give you what you need.

1.    X-Rays were discovered accidentally in 1895. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the procedure. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics in 1901.

2.    The X in X ray stands for the unknown, just like the quantity that is used in mathematics.

3.    The x ray scan in Rockaway does not cause cancer as some people worry. The amount of radiation that is transmitted during the procedure is very low.

4.    An X-Ray can detect many issues within the body that cannot be seen by the eye. This includes broken bones and torn ligaments.

5.    Although not an official tester, a real diamond will not show up on an X-Ray.

6.    X-rays have discovered very strange items in pets and human bodies. This includes pennies and socks swallowed by dogs, gun pellets and other awful items causing skull or abdomen puncture. 

7.    Doctors were able to see inside DNA thanks to X-rays. This important event occurred first during the 1950s.

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8.    X-rays are used in the medical field but also serve many other purposes. They are in use at courthouses and airports, as well as art museums who scan fine art pieces. The more you know!

Do not be fearful of an X-ray if a doctor schedules the procedure for you. The benefits outweigh any potential risks and you can expect the quick procedure to be completely safe. If you want to know more facts about X-rays, you can always talk to your doctor or turn to medical books to learn more.

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