The dental X Ray is so harmless that more harm could be done just through everyday life. The dental x ray in Bluff City does, however, emit radiation, but it is miniscule in comparison with what you might have to put up with every day. You could even compare this to traveling in an airplane and crossing the street. That much has already been said. You are more likely to die from an automobile accident as a pedestrian then going down in a plane crash.

And when you think about it, this does kind of make sense. Because after all, unless you are completely isolated at home during these COVID times, you could be crossing the street at least half a dozen times whilst commuting to and from the office, studio or shopping mall during your usual course of daily business. And let’s be honest, unless you are a traveling salesman, just how often will you be traveling in an airplane.

dental x ray in Bluff City

And then there is that. COVID times. And welcome to the era of the pandemic. Talk about the new normal. Anyway, you have more chance of catching a virus if you go about your everyday life not suited up, masked up and regularly sanitizing your hands as you go about your daily business than if you were doing all of these things. And of course, there’s even less chance of catching a virus if you are able to isolate yourself as far as possible and restrict your movements as best as you can.

And so it goes with the dental X Ray. Chances are that your dentist would only be taking an X Ray every other year unless of course, there’s going to be major work done to your teeth over a prolonged period of time.