Did you know that the foot is quite literally a nerve center? It is a center of nerves. But it does not get on your nerves, well, it is not supposed to anyway. But the thing is, unless you were one of those rare souls who basically sit on their backsides all day doing nothing, your feet will be taking a whole lot of strain, even if just covering short distances and being on your feet for less than a quarter of your day. It makes sense.

Because from top to bottom, all of the pressure and weight of your body is resting on your little feet. And of course, it gets heavier once you start carrying parcels or loading goods onto your truck, things like that. And did you know that a foot massage in 92648 can be as effective, even if no pressure was being placed on the feet. The foot massage is good when there are pressures elsewhere in the body. It happens like this.

It requires the therapeutic work of a specialist masseuse or massage therapist to carry out this work. She does not necessarily have to have a degree in medicine but her academic qualifications could come close. Also note that she could be quite familiar with the practices of ancient medicine. In order to heal or cure, there is no need to resort to invasive surgical instruments. The massage therapist knows where all the pressure points in the foot lie.

foot massage in 92648

And she knows where these lead to. So, if your shoulder muscles are particularly tense as a result of nervous tension, but not physical overexertion, she will know where to nudge or prod. The same may go for an aching back. Or a stiff neckĀ…